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Position Detail

Organization: Allworld Project Management
Title: GIS Analyst/Developer
Location: Memphis, TN
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-07-13

Position Description:

Apply at www.allworldpm.com

The GIS Developer must:
demonstrate strong skills in application development for GIS,
knows when to use COTS and out of the box solutions,
effectively leverage Python, JavaScript, HTML5, and C# to implement solutions,
proficient in database design, management, hosting, and quality control,
maintains processes and workflows that assure consistency and integrity in outputs,
and is able to leverage ArcGIS Online to meet business needs.

The GIS Analyst must :
demonstrate strong skills in ArcGIS Desktop and be familiar with ArcGIS Pro,
be comfortable solving problems for Civil Engineers,
work well with others in fast paced high turnaround project environments,
maintain high productivity for clients and the organization,
exhibit the ability to effectively report and visualize information,
display expertise in GIS techniques for collecting, managing, and sharing data,
and continue to improve / learn on the fly.