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Organization: Quantum Spatial
Title: GIS Specialist
Location: Anchorage, AK
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2017-08-16

Position Description:

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Quantum Spatial is seeking GIS Specialists to work onsite at a federal government client facility in Anchorage, AK. Primary responsibilities include research, identification and acquisition of specific datasets; developing data into geospatial layers which conform to defined national data standards, are topologically correct and are in accordance with FGDC and client metadata standards; and to ensure that all data are consolidated at the national level. Secondary responsibilities include performing quality control (QC), reporting, and metadata documentation. Only qualified candidates meeting the specific requirements below will be considered for these positions.


  • Research, identify and acquire specific data from staff in order to develop those data into geospatial layers that conform to defined data standards, which are topologically correct and are documented in accordance with FGDC and agency metadata standards. Ensure that all state level data compilations roll up to national views.

  • Utilize primary tools, to include ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap), Enterprise Geodatabases (formerly SDE), and other geospatial software components that may vary by office.

  • Convert all formats of data acquired into single, well documented geospatial files at a state or national level using a versioned enterprise geodatabase environment.

  • Create a process and method for each dataset using versioned workflows such that geospatial data flows from various local office locations and rolled into national datasets using an existing national geodatabase replication process.

  • Create and ensure client and FGDC standard metadata is associated with each geospatial file, using any one of the available edit programs.

  • Prepare maps to demonstrate progress or to illustrate data complexities and issues.

  • Assist client staff with data collection, consolidation, sharing and general data management activities. This may include: Identifying and acquiring data in native formats from various client offices. Priority data lists and methods will be provided, requiring exploring, searching, and documenting data via communication with a wide variety of client staff.

  • Generate geospatial data, databases, analysis, maps, services and applications according to client standards or specifications. Document any development activities for future usage within the organization.

  • Communicate workflows for data maintenance and quality improvements to field office and state office personnel.

  • Communicate and work with an extended interdisciplinary team across the agency to ensure proper understanding of programmatic data elements, client-specific data standards and guidance for geospatial methods.

  • Provide demonstrations and briefings for client staff on progress and results, and with client leadership for all aspects of the work.

  • Prepare weekly status/progress reports.

  • Participate in monthly/weekly conference calls and in-person meetings as scheduled.

  • Attend trainings and orientation as scheduled.

  • Periodic travel may be required.


  • GeoData Acquisition and Compilation

    • Demonstrated experience of greater than 2 years developing and editing geospatial data using standard geospatial tools, specifically ArcGIS for Desktop/ArcMap, Enterprise Geodatabases, and other ESRI developed GIS tools to achieve data standards.

    • Experience in working on data acquisition and compilation projects, including types of data, formats dealt with for input and output, and compilation and edit procedures.

    • Preference will be given to candidates that demonstrate greater than 1 year experience handling complex ecological, natural resource or environmental landscape-scale data.

    • Preference will be given candidates that demonstrate greater than 1 year experience scripting or otherwise automating edit processes.

  • Geospatial Metadata Development

    • Demonstrated experience of greater than 2 years in development and documentation of geospatial data via FGDC compliant and ISO compliant metadata.

    • Preference will be given to candidates that demonstrate greater than 1 year experience using established metadata tools and programs that are FGDC or ISO compliant, or in advanced XML handling.

  • Data Standards & Quality Assurance

    • Demonstrated experience of greater than 2 years developing and reviewing geospatial or tabular data to meet data standards, such as ensuring requisite data schemas, attribute definitions and domains, file naming conventions, etc.

    • Demonstrated knowledge of concepts and principles of geospatial data management and general data quality control and assurance processes.

    • Demonstrated knowledge of data quality dimensions such as validity, non-duplication, completion, consistency, currency, timeliness, accuracy, precision, feature completeness, and logical consistency.

  • Communications and Tech Transfer

    • Demonstrated experience in developing written technical documentation (such as metadata, training materials, business process workflow diagrams, white papers, etc.).

    • Demonstrated experience in creating data representations including web maps to communicate issues, to provide status updates or provide general spatial information to lay persons and geospatial experts.

    • Demonstrated ability to orally communicate technical information effectively to lay persons and geospatial technical experts alike.


All job offers with Quantum Spatial are contingent upon passing a background check and drug screening.

How to Apply 
Please upload a letter of interest, and resume with professional references in one (1) PDF via online application process.

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No phone calls, please. Incomplete applications and auto-reply submissions will not be considered.

It is the policy of Quantum Spatial to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons and not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or any other protected status.