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Position Detail

Organization: Cooperative Network Services (CNS)
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: Menahga, MN
Application Deadline: 2017-10-01
Posted: 2017-09-14

Position Description:

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The GIS Analyst will use their knowledge of ESRI / ArcGIS database design and functionality to construct and implement tasks on behalf of CNS utility clients. This position will be responsible to lead accurate, efficient conversions, and assembly of records while using the platform. The position will be responsible to occasionally train internal staff on use and best practices of ArcGIS platforms while also assisting the GIS Engineer with developing process manuals for internal/external use. An important aspect of this position is the ability to quality control data development and web map applications developed by GIS staff before delivery to clients.

-Create and maintain web maps and applications for both internal use and clients.
-Manage ArcGIS SDE versions and data checkouts.
-Provide quality assurance procedures for GIS data management.
-Perform basic and advanced processing tasks and production using ArcGIS, NISC, and ESRI application extension platforms.
-Interface and coordinate workflow directly with internal and external departments, vendors and organizations.
-Review, interpret, and utilize established client standards to practical situations.
-Simultaneously manage multiple projects for clients while achieving project goals and reporting within specified time frames.
-Pursue professional and personal development to ensure continuous competitive knowledge of the telecommunications and/or cable industry.
-Promote CNS member interests for purposes of advancing revenue.
-Ensure deadlines are met and tasks are accurately completed to ensure highest level of client relationships.