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Position Detail

Organization: The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.
Title: Geospatial Analyst
Location: Vale and Lakeview, OR
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2018-08-26

Position Description:

Join Sanborn’s award-winning team! Sanborn is looking for a Geospatial Analyst to work onsite with our federal government client in Oregon where there is a need to support NEPA projects and general ongoing government geodatabase management and editing of geospatial data. The position will require the ANALYST to input a variable amount of information into specific GIS systems to complete time sensitive projects. Additional geospatial analyst services may include GIS mapping, data entry and GPS support. There are 2 positions. One in Vale, OR and one in Lakeview, OR.

Associates of Science degree in Geo-Sciences OR Natural Resource Management WITH applied experience in Geo-Sciences, OR 2 years of experience in GIS data capture, data management, GPS, and/or geo-processing.

•An intermediate understanding of the operation of Esri ArcGIS and modeling software.
•Expertise in editing and attributing personal and corporate data in a versioning environment.
•Experience with spatial data in raster formats.
•Ability to understand and implement government geospatial data standards. Target corporate spatial datasets include BLM’s Ground Transportation (GTRN), National Invasive Species Information Management System (NISIMS), Grazing Allotment (GRA) and special management area data.
•Experience coordinating with natural resource specialists/professionals and in providing one-on-one or group coordination, presentations.
•Ability to speak and think effectively with IDT and project members on statistical and mapping subjects relevant to projects to which they are assigned.
•Expertise in implementing data management processes in support and documentation of spatial data management according to Federal GIS standards.
•Provide support to IDTs for geospatial analysis and mapping, including but not limited to analyses, editing data, modeling, map production and creating reports.
•Edit, create and manage geospatial data management according to GIS standards.
•Ability to work according to the priorities and direction as provided by the project inspector.
•Ability to work under the supervision of the project inspector with staff, project and management to implement BLM spatial data standards, develop workflow processes and documentation.
•Complete mapping, statistical analyses and spatial database management in support of BLM projects.
•Capable of reading and understanding OR/WA standards to facilitate editing and management of BLM’s GIS corporate layers in ESRITM Spatial Database Engine versioning environment.
•Create GIS-based cartographic products in support of public outreach and information.
•Populate geospatial metadata documentation to BLM standards for all new and derived GIS datasets, under the oversight of the project inspector.
•Provide weekly status reports on task completion and project participation.

•Maintain good communication with the COR, Project Inspector, Steering Committee, interdisciplinary teams, other contracted staff, as conveyed through the COR throughout the contract period.
•Return phone calls from the COR or their designated field office representative ( Project Managers) within 1 business day, and respond to emails within 1 business day Except under emergency circumstances, advance notification to COR will be made at least one week in advance if Candidate anticipates being unavailable.
•Submit monthly progress reports to the Project leadership via the Project Inspector and COR. A Steering Committee is comprised of: the Lakeview and Malheur Field Office, Planning and Environmental Coordinator(s) or RMP Project Manager(s), and the Oregon State Office Planning Liaison.
•Have a meeting with the Project Manager, IDTs and Steering committee within 7 days of a report being submitted. This meeting will be for information gathering purposes only, the Candidate shall inform the COR before taking any actions from these meetings.

•Participate as notified by the COR on a regular basis with Inter-Disciplinary Team in person or by conference calls. Manager will give the Candidate at least two weeks advance notice. The intent of these conference calls will be to participate in IDT discussions; Manager will make every effort to schedule joint IDT meetings on dates when the Candidate is present on their regularly scheduled visits to the Districts.

The following forms and inquiries, or their equivalent, will be used to initiate the credentialing process:
•OPM Standard Form 85 or 85P
•National Criminal History Check (NCHC)
•Release to Obtain Credit Information
•PIV card application

If selected to fill the position, a candidate would be required to pass a drug screen and satisfy the requirements of a National Criminal History Check (NCHC) to verify the identity of the individual applying for clearance and to determine the individual’s suitability for the position.

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or possess a current work visa.

Sanborn offers a comprehensive health and wellness program which includes medical, dental, vision, 401k, holiday, PTO, EAP, disability and life insurance benefits.

TO APPLY: Visit our website: www.Sanborn.com to apply for this position. Sanborn is an Equal Opportunity Employer.