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Organization: Pangea Biological
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: Carlsbad, CA

Posted: 2019-05-02
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Position Description:

The GIS Technician is responsible for obtaining, organizing, editing, and mapping GIS data, identifying efficient methods for and implementing data analysis, and ensuring consistency, accuracy, and quality in all GIS deliverables. Must keep apprised of latest software updates and GIS analysis techniques. Works directly with clients, engineers, environmental scientists, biological and water/wetland resource specialists, and other technical team members to obtain, incorporate, interpret, and/or produce GIS data to support GIS deliverables.

This position will report to the senior team in Pangea’s Carlsbad office. The position will entail office work. This is a full-time salaried position and is not eligible for overtime pay. Days and hours are typically Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, however, hours will vary depending on company needs. This position may require working more than 8 hours a day.

Conduct research and collect the best available data and obtain geospatial data (shapefiles)
Organize GIS data so that it is readily identifiable and easy to locate
Receive, interpret, and integrate data from clients and other sources into company projects for analysis and presentation of data (graphically and electronically)
Prepare GPS units (sub-meter Arrow and/or Trimble units, using AmigoCloud software) and provide instruction and support for collecting data in the field, and download data for GIS use
Research and determine the best methods for analyzing data and implement methods in accordance with industry standards, and compile and geocode geospatial data
Query geographic data for information to be used in mapbooks, reports, and/or proposals
Digitize and perform environmental impact analysis with GIS for linear projects
Conduct desktop analysis of environmental constraints and impacts data such as biological resources, soils, water/wetland and other hydrologic features, etc. for surveys and deliverables
Work interactively with data received from CADD platforms to create data sets
Prepare electronic and hardcopy maps, data-driven mapbooks, graphics, and shapefiles
Review data sources, maps, graphics to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality

Minimum of 3 years of experience performing GIS-related tasks
Experience with communicating effectively with all team members, management, and clients
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Excellent organizational skills
In-depth experience with GPS technology and GIS software, including ArcGIS Desktop/Pro 10x Suite (including Spatial Analyst, Model Builder, and Data-driven pages)
Experience using ArcGIS online and mobile GIS applications, including Collector for ArcGIS
Experience developing python scripts to conduct GIS analysis
Mastery of Microsoft Excel, including organizing, analyzing, and summarizing large data sets
Excellent organization skills to create and maintain data in the company GIS system with a high level of detail, integrity, and accuracy
Possess an in-depth knowledge of current GIS analysis practices and techniques, including data input, joining and relating datasets, feature editing techniques, map production, and attribute data entry
Proactive approach to independently research challenges and requests, and develop innovative and creative solutions using collaborative problem-solving techniques

Self-motivated and takes initiative while maintaining a positive attitude
Punctual, professional, team-oriented, and friendly demeanor
Strong work ethic and excellent time-management skills
Experienced in multi-tasking within a fast-paced work environment
Meticulously detail-oriented
Works exceptionally well independently and collaboratively
Critical-thinking skills
Proficient with Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, Access, OneNote, Planner) and Google Earth

Bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Systems, Geography, IT, Cartography, Environmental Science, Database Management, or a related discipline

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