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Organization: Six Rivers Land Conservancy
Title: GIS Intern (paid)
Location: Michigan

Posted: 2021-07-27
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Position Description:

Summary: Position funding is through a grant from the Land Trust Alliance as part of a Water Quality Impact Pilot project. It involves quantification of water quality benefits for preserving land prioritized at the parcel level in the Belle River Watershed in southeast Michigan—specifically quantifying pollutant prevention for maintaining land in an undeveloped state versus conversion to developed uses. Project oversight provided by engineering firm partner that developed the Belle River Watershed management plan. Intern will develop general baseline metrics for developed alternative; use GIS to determine ground cover, apply NRCS loading sheet metrics at the parcel level and assess impacts to parcels against a developed alternative. Project will be replicable for other watersheds, land conservancies, and provide solid data to communicate benefits of land conservation with accepted water quality metrics. Scope of the project currently limited to Tier 1 parcels in the Belle River Watershed, but may be expanded to Tier 1 parcels of the North Branch Clinton River Watershed if additional funding is secured.

1. Working with engineering consultant, develop standardized general characteristics and water quality outputs for land if converted from natural state to developed surfaces, to provide basis for comparison and conclusions of benefits of preservation, e.g.: “If this 100 acres is preserved instead of converted to residential use, 100#’s of nutrient loading will be prevented annually”.
2. Using parcel level land preservation priorities developed through Belle River Watershed Management Plan, apply GIS ground cover analysis to create and input data in NRCS loading data sheets.
3. Add water quality outputs to existing priority property information data for both “as-is” and “if converted” states.

• Data creation and management using a variety of paper and electronic sources
• Cartographic skills for map production in hard copy, electronic, and online formats
• Experienced in ESRI ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS Online, and mobile software
• Experienced in reading CAD and engineering plans and translating to the GIS environment
• Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in GIS, Geography, Computer Science, or related degree
• Self-directed, strong ability to work and learn independently
• Able to organize and manage multiple projects

$15 per hour (10 hours a week for 33 weeks)

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To apply, send resume, cover letter, and three references to Kristen Myers, Deputy Director at [email protected]

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