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Organization: Motivf Corporation
Title: Building Inspector (Remote)
Location: Various

Posted: 2021-10-13
Application Deadline:

Position Description:

Building Inspector (Remote)

Use your skills of observation and attention to detail to help decisionmakers decide how to use or repurpose buildings in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Position summary
Do you become restless staying too long in the same place? Are you based in the Southeast (preferably in the Carolinas)? Are you open to part-time work that’s likely somewhat infrequently needed? Motivf is looking for candidates who embrace physical work, enjoy challenging themselves with close observation and reporting, and seek to develop new skills. We welcome people who seek honest work with tangible outcomes. Military spouses are encouraged to apply.

Your Responsibilities:
* Conduct surveys of building sites (exteriors and interiors) to collect as-built data and measurements and make qualitative or aesthetic observations about building conditions.
* Research historical maps, land records, previous survey results and land title information as needed to compare and verify current measurements and resolve questions of boundary lines.
* Create reports and maps according to customer or project requirements containing information from field measurements, boundary markers, and topographical features.
* Provide your survey data in the format and distribution method identified by project lead.
* Communicate with site managers and team leads to verify existing property data and contribute to building design as needed.
* Present rough floor plan design drafts for client approval.

Required Qualifications:
* Travel is Required.
* Per federal mandate, proof of completed COVID vaccination by December 8, 2021
* Experience using laser measuring devices and basic survey methodology, or ability and passion to learn.
* Proficient in identifying and documenting typical commercial mechanical, electric and plumbing systems, or ability and passion to learn.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* An eye for detail.
* You understand that the job is part-time and infrequent.

Welcome to Motivf
We are a growing consulting company that provides brands, companies, and government organizations around the world with creative teams, Design Ops leadership, human-centered design, and Agile and Lean expertise. The worlds of design, management, and technology intersect to transform the way we work, play, and communicate. Whether working remotely or on the road, we believe in our people, and we understand that quality of life directly impacts quality of work. We pride ourselves on our flexible work environment and distinctive global culture.

Management Culture and Philosophy: At Motivf, we seek joy at work, so we prioritize psychological safety (the #1 trait of great teams), creativity, engagement, learning, human connection, and the meaning of the work. We minimize micromanagement by practicing agile-style self-management for maximum autonomy and engagement. Team members are largely accountable to each other, while their manager’s job is to coach them to career-defining performance and otherwise stay out of the way. We strive to hire managers people want to work for.

Purpose. Motivf is a Certified B Corporation: we meet the highest, verified standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

How We Value People. We believe talents, like empathy and strategy, analysis and learning, and drive (or passion and motivation) lead to greater engagement by you and productivity for us than arbitrary requirements of prior experience, having the right keywords of skills or knowledge, or degrees that may not be necessary. That’s true equal opportunity, and true respect for the individual and their unique story.

Regardless of how any job description is written, if you think you can do the job, we invite you to make a case for it! We’d love to hear how your unique blend of talents and drive can equip you to succeed in this role, including as it changes over time.

Career Path and Advancement. We’re passionate about your growth - as a person and in your career. Every Motivf teammate can choose from one or both of 2 career advancement tracks: (1) Leadership/People Development and (2) Expertise Development. In order to advance in a career, not everyone has to be good at managing people. Some people just want to keep learning and keep getting better at what they do.

Continuous Learning. Because we work in a rich web of disciplines, fields, clients, and industries, opportunities for creativity and learning are everywhere. You’ll enjoy abundant redeployment opportunities. Because we do many kinds of projects for many kinds of clients, we always have interesting jobs to learn and do, and we’re able to assign you to work based on your talents, drive, and interests.

Powerful Learning Network. Many of our clients include their members in our Agile SCRUM teams. We have also done prime and subcontracts with over 30 partners, with whom we often share Slack channels and physical workspaces.

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