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Support the GJC

The GJC is no longer a free site. In order to support the move from the University, the time it takes to maintain the site and so on, we need to charge minimal fees for posting jobs (resumes are free). Posting fees (in US $'s) are:

  • $25.00 per job (2 months/60 days)
  • resumes are free and remain online for 2 months/60 days

    If for some reason you're unable to pay for a posting that's ok. It's better to have a job posted without payment than no posting at all. Fee's are purposefully low so that this should not be an issue with most organizations.

    Please note that the posting fees are per job not per posting, so if you're trying to attract 10 people with one posting please adjust your payment accordingly. For those posting multiple jobs it is fine to pay once a year or every six months, whatever makes sense for your organization (please let us know if you're going to do this). Other job services are welcome to post as well. Refunds will not be issued.

    Invoices are not automatically sent, but can be upon request. Just drop us a note.

    If all goes well, hopefully we can continue the casual nature of the site.

    Please send check or money order to:

    The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
    6224 Glen Circle
    Lino Lakes, MN 55014

    OR Contribute online using a credit card:

    If you have specific needs or questions regarding billing or whatever please contact: gjc-info@gjc.org.