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Organization: American Leprosy Missions
Title: GIS Analyst
Location: United States

Posted: 2019-05-24
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Position Description:

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Position Summary
The GIS Analyst will primarily support the AIM Initiative, a program of American Leprosy Missions (ALM), working collaboratively to map neglected tropical disease
(NTD) cases and morbidity and support ministries of health to develop and implement evidence-based strategic plans for integrated case management of NTDs. The GIS
Analyst will oversee map creation and analysis for the AIM Initiative and other ALM programs, build the capacity of countries to update their maps and ensure maps are
accessible via the appropriate platforms.

GIS Analyst reports to the Program Systems Analyst.

Essential Job Functions
Data Management & Enterprise GIS Administration
 Ensure mapping data is adequately maintained within ALM
 Design and manage GIS databases and required changes to spatial feature representations
 Support partner data collection and validation to use in map creation; assess existing and secondary data sources available
 Serve as the system administrator for GIS servers including map services, feature services and software portals
 Install and maintain GIS-related software
 Manage access and user permissions to the data, map services, mobiles maps and surveys and online maps

 Serve as the primary technical expert to create, update and maintain GIS maps displaying disease, environmental and other demographic or socioeconomic features
 Support effective distribution and visualization of maps for a variety of stakeholders, especially in bandwidth-limited settings
 Integrate maps into reports, visualizations and web applications, ensuring the appropriate platforms are established to display and share maps

 Conduct routine geographic analysis and contribute to discussions on program implications and epidemiological interpretation
 Support advanced spatial research, analytics and modeling, including designing appropriate methodologies that reveal spatial and temporal relationships between diseases and other factors

Capacity Building
 Create internal standards and maintain procedures related to mapping processes
 Develop training materials and toolkits to support country partners with map development, management and updating
 Provide support across many teams within the organization as well as with external partners and NGOs, serving as American Leprosy Missions’ GIS subject matter expert
 Stay abreast of technology trends and industry best practices to hone and maintain skills

To perform the job successfully, the employee should achieve or maintain acceptable productivity levels, quality levels and/or outcomes in the areas listed below:
 AIM Initiative maps are created, updated and comply with best practices and current trends in spatial epidemiology
 Online viewing portal for stakeholders is established to easily access and view maps from AIM and other projects
 ALM projects are assessed and evaluated to see how GIS could strengthen outcomes
 GIS data management system is established and maintained
 Team values are lived out

To perform the job successfully, the employee should possess the following knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors:
 Cross-Cultural Sensitivity – Knowledge and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds; modify communication behavior based on an understanding of cultural differences
 Initiative – Without prompting, takes proactive steps to manage and/or improve all work tasks and operations. Is innovative, responsible and insightful.
 Accuracy – Demonstrates precision and correctness in work. Has the ability and desire to produce accurate work that is free of errors on a consistent basis.
 Adaptability – Demonstrates ability to adjust to and thrive in a dynamic strategic and results-driven organization. Is teachable, receptive and pliable.
 Teamwork and Collaboration – Works cooperatively and collaboratively with co-workers, donors, end recipients, and partners to achieve the organization’s
mission, values and goals, showing favor, grace, compassion, cooperation, mercy and acceptance.
 Analytical – Collects, analyzes and uses data to manage effectively and efficiently; synthesizes complex or diverse information.
 Planning and Organizing – Plans and prioritizes work activities, uses time efficiently and develops realistic action plans; establishes and adheres to

Required Minimum Education, Experience and Skills
 Bachelor’s degree in geography, geographic information systems, information management, computer science or related field
 Five years or more experience in designing, developing and configuring GIS technologies (ESRI or QGIS suite including desktop and online versions)
 Advanced knowledge of spatial analytical and cartographic techniques
 Demonstrated ability to produce high-quality mapping products and online viewing platforms
Preferred Education, Experience and Skills
 Master’s degree in GIS or related field
 Familiarity with HTML5 and/or JavaScript, APIs and web-based data integration
 Experience and knowledge of building and maintaining web applications and websites
 Experience developing custom scripts for GIS data management and analysis
 Thorough understanding of enterprise GIS software
 Experience with spatial epidemiology or applying GIS in epidemiological contexts
 International and/or nonprofit experience
Work Environment/Requirements
 Working Conditions: Working location is flexible based on the candidate, frequent travel to ALM’s office in Greenville, South Carolina will be required.
 Travel/Driving Requirements: Must have the capacity to travel independently by public and private transport, both domestically and internationally. Position
requires up to 20% of international, out-of-town and overnight travel.

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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