Job Detail

Organization: City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities Technical Services
Title: GIS Data Technician I
Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Posted: 2020-06-29
Application Deadline: 2020-07-31

Position Description:

Please be sure to visit to make sure you apply for this position.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Marilyn at [email protected]

Special Instructions:
Please complete the application in its entirety. The application is the primary required document used to screen qualifications and years of experience. A resume does not replace a completed application. Fields on the application left blank, including but not limited to job duties, dates of employment, and hours worked, may cause your application to be incomplete.

Your responses to any "Supplemental Questions", if attached to this requisition, must be supported by the information you give us in the work experience section of this application. Be sure you are thorough in describing your skills and duties as you complete the work experience section. If the information cannot be verified, you will not receive credit.

Please provide a copy of any certifications or related professional licenses.

This is an Alpha I position, which may require the employee to work during inclement weather conditions and emergency conditions, regardless of the City's operational status.

The Public Utilities Technical Services Division is seeking a GIS Data Technician I to perform the following duties:
Record and update water and sewer utility infrastructure data in a Geographical Information System (GIS)
Research existing utility plans and compile project information to accurately reflect existing conditions and utility locations
Coordinate with inspectors and surveyors as needed for water and sanitary sewer infrastructure data collection
Develop and maintain water and sewer location maps
Assist engineers with project design and construction support, such as preparing standard details, cost estimates, typical section sheets, summary sheets, cover sheets, profile and cross-section sheets according to established standards for design and construction
Assist customers with determining utility locations and information from maps and drawings
Any of the following:
Certification as a GIS Professional
Experience with GIS software (ESRI ArcMap & ArcServer)
Knowledge of water and sewer infrastructure
Experience preparing technical documents, maps & reports
Experience with survey field data collection
Experience reading construction plans/record drawings
Experience using multiple databases
Experience providing customer service
Experience using Python
Experience using Feature Manipulation Engine (FME).

Matrix Criteria
1. Relevant certifications and/or education
2. Experience with GIS software (ESRI ArcMap & ArcServer)
3. Knowledge of water/sewer utility infrastructure
4. Experience preparing technical documents, maps & reports
5. Experience with survey field data collection
6. Experience with reading construction plans/record drawings
7. Experience using multiple databases; import, export data
8. Experience with providing customer service

Supplemental Questions

1. What is your experience and knowledge with ArcGIS?
2. What is your experience and knowledge of Water & Sewer utilities?
3. What is your experience and knowledge with reading and interpreting plans?
4. What type of tools have you used in ArcGIS and how did you use them?
5. Tell me about a new skill you taught yourself, not necessarily GIS specific. How did you teach yourself?

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